Premium Coconut Oil 600ml


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The valuable coconut oil is gently pressed at a temperature of about 38°C in the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. The time between the removal of the coconut shell to the extraction of our organic coconut oil from the first cold press run is about an hour only. This ensures that the raw food quality is guaranteed and that all the important vitamins and minerals of this succulent palm fruit are retained.

Enjoy a taste of the South Seas – with versatile organic coconut oil! The finishing touch for your smoothies, fruit sorbets and dried fruit confectionary.
Raw-food quality. Organic cultivation1)

Important: The oil is liquid at temperatures of 24°C over, but turns to solid form below that temperature.

What makes the Premium Organic Coconut Oil from Dr. Goerg so unique?

* 100% pure, cold pressed coconut oil (Virgin Coconut Oil) from freshly harvested coconut meat
* 59,42% Laurin fatty acids (*Analysis: 23.06.2008)
* certified organic (kba, BIO/NOP – certified)
* first cold pressing (press temperatur under 38°C)
* not refined
* not deodorized
* grown in an environmentally sustainable organic farm in the Philippines
* fair prices support the social security of our coconut farmers
* free from cholesterol – gluten – lactose
* for vegetarians and vegans
* 0% trans fatty acids
* not hydrogenated
* not bleached